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Equip your bathroom with new washbasins from Kerrock.

Shapes creating harmony in a room

Bathroom has long ceased to be just a place to maintain personal hygiene. Bathroom has become art. Functional art. And Kerrock is an artist with experience. Selection of a washbasin is a key factor that makes any bathroom more attractive. Beautiful pieces of new Kerrock washbasins are an important part of the overall aesthetic image of the bathroom, creating an atmosphere and giving the bathroom a distinctive character.

The Soft and Lux washbasins give freshness to the Kolpasan bathroom furniture. They break the mesh of straight lines with the soft, thin lines of oval washbasins and introduce lightness, playfulness, even pretentiousness. You can choose between four washbasins that allow you to pick between different sizes of washbasins of your choice.

Bold elegance

Aesthetics may even come first in the bathroom. The calm colour tones create a pleasant atmosphere. Lighter colour shades are very popular right now, as well as their complete opposites – for example, black colour combined with wood.

Our company has created a special design of DEMI and ODA washbasins, whose soft lines form the appearance of timeless elegance and give the bathroom a stunning look. The Oda washbasin, combined with wooden decoration (furniture), is a real attraction for modern bathrooms. Placed on a black marble countertop, the Demi double washbasin has an air of elegance and is the right stylish choice to add variety to your bathroom.

Silent classic with modern boldness

In our company, creativity and design don’t rest. We have designed an integrated washbasin into the furniture. The size and shape are suitable to use for two people. If you don’t like the integrated washbasin, you can choose the Gloria V-ON washbasin which is integrated into the furniture.


Long-lasting and durable

The purpose of Kerrock is to accompany us and serve us for many years, without being discarded after a short period of use due to wear or damage. The wooden decoration lends warmth to the bathroom, in contrast to the Ariana washbasin in white. You can choose between two sizes. If you have a larger family, we recommend using double washbasins.

A washbasin that is ready to wall mount

Do you want a more spacious bathroom without storage space for all the unnecessary things that just accumulate over the years? Our company has designed for you the Trinity washbasin that is ready to wall mount. It creates the feel of a larger bathroom.

The Trinity washbasin can be ordered in two sizes. If you want to combine it differently, we have designed for you the Trinity washbasin that is built into the bathroom countertop.

The advantages of Kerrock washbasins are mainly practicality, resistance, simple cleaning, a beautiful look and design possibilities, which are more than good reasons to choose a washbasin.

Kerrock, born to beat the average!

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