Kerrock wiadomości





In 1991, a major turning point in Kolpa’s history occurred. Kerrock was born! Material similar to marble or granite, non-porous and warm. It is processed like wood, has the properties of stone, and can be sawed, sanded, polished, glued. It is a homogeneous mass-dyed material, so potential damage, such as scratches and burns, are easy to remove. The beginnings were difficult because people were not familiar with such material. We started off by producing bar counters for pubs. A few pubs, the first of which was in Dolenjske Toplice Spa, were equipped with such counters at a lower price in order to obtain modest references. The first comments were: “Wherever I go, I see Kerrock.”

We made Kerrock derivatives, developed adhesive for gluing material, self-extinguishing facade panels, and antibacterial Kerrock. We launched Kerrock in different colours, with marble effect, granite and terrazzo. The boom Kerrock has experienced is also shown by the fact that we started with four colours, whereas today it is produced in 99 different colours. Perseverance and professional appearance on the market have paid off.


Today, after thirty years, Kerrock belongs to the higher price range and is indispensable in many homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and elsewhere. In short, it was accepted by architects and customers both at home and abroad.


Kerrock can be used anywhere you imagine

Kerrock is used both inside and outside. Indoors, it is mainly used in wet areas such as public toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, receptions and hotels. It is mainly used outdoors as a covering for ventilated facades, by swimming pools, by the sea and in summer kitchens. Increasingly, the new Kerrock + antibacterial formula is also used, which prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms on the surface. It contains an antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria on the surface and thus disinfects the surfaces. Therefore, it is very suitable and useful for work surfaces in medicine and food preparation.


To date, the company has built a strong, global reputation based primarily on experience, continuous improvement, and innovative approaches. Kolpa’s efforts are focused on solving the challenges of its customers by producing top-quality products. Products that impress with aesthetic and technical properties. A company with a constant focus on your needs creates a field of trust in products, partnerships and long-term success.

30 years of infinite imagination

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